11th International Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry

11-12 October 2021, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece

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11th International Conference & Exhibition on Green FPEs Industry is Satellite to NANOTEXNOLOGY!

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Keynote Speakers

logothetidis   Prof. Stergios Logothetidis, Director of Nanotechnology Lab LTFN & President of HOPE-A Association, Greece
A new Green and Digital Industry based on FPEs to boost Growth, Green Energy, Decarbonization and Sustainability
anthopoulos   Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos, Full Professor, Material Science and Engineering, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Strategies for Increasing the Efficiency of Organic Photovoltaics
fahlteich   Dr. John Fahlteich, Group Leader at Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, Germany
FlexFunction2Sustain: How Nano-functionalisation of Plastic and Paper Surfaces and Membranes reduces Plastic Waste in the World
hadziioannou   Prof. Georges Hadziioannou, Head of "Polymers Electronic Materials & Devices" Group at LCPO, University of Bordeaux, France
Technologies and emerging materials of tomorrow’s printed electronics: towards the economic independence of countries and their national sovereignty
kolbusch   Mr. Thomas Kolbusch, Vice President, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
The pathway to a printed electronic industry – digital production – Artificial intelligence for process improvement and sustainability in the production process for coating printing & laminating for printed electronics
Technology Development and Manufacturing for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers
laskarakis   Prof. Argiris Laskarakis, Head of Organic Electronics Group, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Revolutionizing FPEs manufacturing by In-line Metrology, Quality control for FPEs manufacturing and Open Innovation
malliaras   Prof. George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge, UK
Flexible Electronics for Bioelectronic Medicine
neophytides   Dr. Stylianos Neophytides, Research Director, Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Processes (ICE/HT), Greece
Autonomous Combined Heat and Power System from regenerative sources "fuel cell/ H2O electrolyser/ Η2 storage
li pira   Dr. Nello Li Pira, Global Materials R&I and Roadmaps Manager, Fiat Research Centre, Italy
Evolution of materials in future vehicles: a new paradigm for the automotive components
silva   Prof. S. Ravi P. Silva, Director of Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of NanoElectronics Centre, University of Surrey, UK
Green Flexible Printed Power for a Sustainable World of Wearables


Invited Speakers

andreopoulou   Dr. Katerina Andreopoulou, Senior Researcher, Department of Chemistry, Univerisity of Patras, Greece
Printable Polymer Semiconductors for large area PLEDs
athanasiadou   Ms. Evgenia Athanasiadou, Agriculturalist, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Energy Solutions & Applications in Greenhouses (Agrores)
bakalis   Mr. Evangelos Bakalis, Innovation and Dissemination Manager, HOPE-A, Greece
HOPE-A: Building the new Green, Digital and Decarbonized Industry
baumann   Dr. Peter Baumann, R&D Project Manager, APEVA SE, Germany
Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD®) Technology of OLED for Display and Lighting Applications
charitidis   Prof. Costas Charitidis, Director of RNanoLab, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Materials characterisation in the era of Digital Transformation: twin transition challenges and perspectives towards a decarbonized and circular economy
deimede   Prof. Valadoula Deimede, Assist. Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, Greece
Polymeric materials for energy related applications
fachouri   Mr. Salim Fachouri, ICT & Sensor Department Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Manufacturing Flexible & Printed RFIDs and Sensors for IoP (NFC Pack Project)
ferri   Dr. Luca Ferri, R&D Team, Seristudio S.p.A., Italy
Conductive layers: a new application model for complex shapes
galatsopoulos   Mr. Anastasios Galatsopoulos, R&D/Production Department, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Manufacturing Flexible & Printed Perovskites Solar Cells
kassavetis   Dr. Spyros Kassavetis, Head of Nanofabrication Group, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Printed Electronics Open Innovation Test Bed Services
krebs   Dr. Frederik Christian Krebs, CEO, InfinityPV, Denmark
Using LBIC for quality control and defect detection in slot-die coated solar modules
kyriazopoulos   Mr. Vasileios Kyriazopoulos, Quality Control Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Large Area OLEDs and OPVs: Lighting & Energy in Automotive, Buildings and Greenhouses
lidorikis   Prof. Elefterios Lidorikis, Professor of Computational Materials Science, University of Ioannina, Greece
Open innovation platform for modelling organic electronic material properties, process, and devices
mangelis   Dr. Panagiotis Mangelis, Project Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Semitransparent OPVs for Energy Efficient Mediterranean Greenhouses (PHOTOKIPIA)
matteucci   Dr. Francesco Matteucci, Program Manager in Green Technologies, European Innovation Council, Belgium
EIC portfolio and hands-on approach to facilitate the sustainable electronics innovation journey
mekeridis   Mr. Evaggelos Mekeridis, Production & Quality Control Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Large Scale Manufacturing of fully printed Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs)
ntinas   Dr. Georgios Ntinas, Researcher, Hellenic Agricultural Organization-Dimitra, Greece
Sustainable agricultural structures using green and renewable energy to achieve neutral carbon footprint
ntovas   Dr. Michail Ntovas, R&D and EU Project Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
Development of Sustainable Renewable - Hydrogen Ecosystem for Greece 2.0
occhipinti   Dr. Luigi G. Occhipinti, Director of Research, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
Sustainability of energy autonomous sensor systems
orfanos   Mr. Alexandros Orfanos, Production Manager, BL-Nanobiomed P.C, Greece
Manufacturing of novel Diagnostic devices and advanced Nanofilters against Pathogens and Viruses
papadopoulos   Mr. Miltiadis Papadopoulos, Business Development Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
OPV Business Internationally in the Globe (Buildings, Automotive, Greenhouses)
koc-richter   Dr. Julian Koc-Richter, R&D Project Manager, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
Tailored roll to roll equipment for green flexible electronics manufacturing
varlamis   Mr. Chrisostomos Varlamis, Product Manager, OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece
FPEs from Innovation to Solutions, leap in TRL

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